Independent film, Summer 2018

Every time I listened Winter’s song in the months leading up to making this film, I was thinking about summertime and fields of green grass, flecked with dandelions. And I had some free time during my own summer break, so I just decided I really wanted to make a film out of that concept. I contacted Winter to ask her permission, and she told me to go for it. Crazy is a film about summertime nostalgia and first crushes before you know you have them.

Concept Art & Layout

The color palettes were an important part of conveying the mood for this film. I definitely wanted to use this olive green paired with a neon blue for the sky because that was what I thought the song sounded like. When the pallet shifts during the sunset at the end, I chose shades or red that would contrast with the predominantly green layouts from earlier scenes. I expected that I'd become tired of painting in this  palette by the end of production, but it’s actually still my favorite color combo, somehow.


Character Designs

Final Design for Hannah

Hannah is a scrappy little kid, she spends a lot of time outside, in forests or fields, so a pair of overalls fits the part. She always has on a bunch of bandaids from falling down and getting scraped-up, but it really doesn’t bother her, and she’ll just get up and do it again.

She’s just a dorky kid who likes spending time lying in the grass or running around. She’s awkward and becomes nervous easily, but she still has a lot of energy in her. Hannah also doesn’t think things through empathetically, since she’s still a kid, so she really doesn’t realize that she has a crush on her best friend, Jo.

Early sketches

Jo is a little cooler than Hannah (well, really what I mean is that Hannah thinks Jo is super cool), she’s more laid-back and a bit introspective. She thinks more about her actions than Hannah, but she is also more confident. The dynamic I imagined between them is that Jo mostly comes outside to hang out with Hannah, and so she feels like Hannah is the one leading her around to do all the fun stuff. But, in turn, Hannah thinks that Jo is so cool and coming up with all the ideas, and she wouldn’t be able to do anything fun without her. So, each of them sort-of sees themselves as the sidekick to the other.

Early Concepts for Jo

This is the first image I drew of the two characters together, after I'd finalized their designs. Jo is more laid-back, so she's able to chill out and daydream. Hannah isn't incredibly good at sitting still, so she's looking around, and mostly at Jo (like she's waiting for her to wake up so they can do something else. Or she's just thinking about her...)

Concept art