Storyboard Portfolio

Cambrian Explosion- Crab Scene

These boards are from a section of my senior thesis film. Cambrian Explosion is set during the Cambrian period of prehistory and follows the adventures of Hallucigenia-"Hallie" for short- a small worm. In this scene, Hallie has stumbled upon a mysteriously empty garden of rock piles. Curious, she investigates.

"Cambrian Explosion"- Cave Scene

In this scene, Hallie has been running away from a large predator, and she stops to hide inside a large cave. The predator(Anomalocaris) follows her and attempts to squeeze itself inside the cave. Thinking that she is doomed, Hallie gives up the fight. Unbeknownst to Hallie, another creature (Opabinia) in inside the cave as well. He rushes forward to protect her.